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“Zippin’ up my boots, goin’ back to my roots” (Odyssey)

Have you ever felt the chills or goosebumps when you hear certain songs? Fifty percent of people experience frisson: an emotionally driven, euphoric, and stimulating connection with music (Westmaas). This feeling stems from a physical feature in our brains; those who experience frisson boast a denser volume of brain fibers that connect our auditory cortex to parts of our brain that deal with emotion.

If so many people possess this trait, sharing this ability does not set me apart, let alone mean I have some kind of superpower. I’m rather…

Why we kept her for so long I had no idea — we had given up buying more air fresheners to cure her musty smell, forgotten to scrub off the fading remnants of her yellowing bumper stickers, and even accepted her stubborn trunk lid that would startle the neighbors after refusing to stay open and slamming shut on us. Yet the day we planned to give her away marked the end of a chapter in our lives, and I finally realized what had made her so invaluable.

She came cruising down our street just three months after I came into…

A tribute to five black R&B greats + connecting their powerful messages to 2020

Black R&B/Soul Musicians from the ‘70s

Struggle — a product of violence, prejudice, and oppression that is inflicted upon a community — can take many forms. From Jazz in the 1920s to Hip-Hop and modern R&B today, music has been a tool for the black community to express deep emotions, political themes, and experiences with their constant struggle. …

Debunking common NFL myths in an analytical study on the true value of passing the ball

The 49ers would have benefitted the most from passing more often this past season


Analytics are not used enough in the NFL. In a league with an abundance of money, intelligence, and skill, one may assume that the game we see teams play today is the most optimized and efficient it can be. However, the reality is that the league and its gurus still stick to many traditional aspects of the sport, not utilizing analytical techniques as much as they could. Our research reveals a significant flaw in the way the game is currently played.

Around the…

The analytical process of studying urban microbial data, an unexplored field brimming with opportunity

Urban microbial surveillance can play a crucial role in city planning and design, public health, and the discovery of new species.


While a New York Subway station is bustling with swarms of businessmen, students, artists, and millions of other city-goers every day, its floors, railings, stairways, toilets, walls, kiosks, and benches are teeming with non-human life. The microbial ecosystem, or the complex web of relationships that microorganisms have with one another and with the environment, is omnipresent in shared public transportation spaces. The PathoMap, a 2013 project led by Cornell Professor Christopher Mason, was the first of an annual series of DNA collection projects in NYC. A sampling from subways found that only half of the DNA matched known organisms…

Dhruv Khurjekar

Class of ’22 at The Lawrenceville School with interests in STEM and music

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